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13 Apr 2013

Experiences / Karguzaris from Dakwa Tabligh

Experiences/Karguzaris from Tabligh

assalamu alykum,

Ok,here is my karguzari. It has been over 10 years so I hope what all I remember and write here is most accurate to the best of my remembrance inshaAllah. And may Allah forgive me for any mistakes or inaccuracy. Ameen.

Back in the year 2000 I went to Germany for higher studies and I was studying in Berlin. During Christmas and New year holidays I wanted to utilize my break from the University by spending time in jamaat. At that time we had a walking jamaat from Pakistan that came to spend time in Germany. They were out to spend 1 year and had come to Germany to spend 7 months I think. They were instructed from raiwind to spend time in Eastern Germany. So they were spending their time in different cities and towns in Eastern part of Germany. When I had the holidays from University I joined some brothers to go and spend time with this jamaat. The jamaat had one mufti sahab and about 5-6 members. There was a Palestinian brother who would accompany the jamaat taking their luggage in his car from town to town as they move spending time from one town to another and the jamaat will follow on foot as it was paidal/walking jamaat.

So, when I joined this jamaat I think I spent a week with them. Back in the year 2000 Ramadhan was also at the same period around the end of December. We spent time in the Eastern German towns called Halle and Bitterfeld. So when I joined the jamaat together with 2 pakistani brothers, there were already some other local brothers from germany who were with the jamaat doing their nusrah. One brother was Palestian (this is another palestian brother besides the one who was accompanying them with their luggage), there was another turkish brother as well. So we also went and join the jamaat for nusrah and spend our time with them.

Since, it was a walking jamaat so we also had to walk with them from one town to another. One day we would cover about 8-10KM walking to get to another town another day 10-12 KM and like wise on third day another 10KM. However, even though we were walking such a long distance each day and in the severe winter and while it was snowing, I just couldn't feel the distance at all. Wallahi, I had never such experience in my life. It never felt like we have been continously walking for more than an hour and nor I felt any tiredness when we reached our destinations.

Before we get to a town, the jamaat would have to inform the Burgermeister (Mayor of the town) to tell him that we are coming to his town to spend sometime and to meet any muslim brothers staying in that locality. I am not sure why this was done, may be for security reasons or whatever, because to them this weird dressed pakistani bearded muslims was a new experience. So while the mayor is informed of our visit to the town... sometimes when locals see foreigners dressed in strange dressing style, they would also raise alarm like by informing police etc. So sometimes police would also come to check on us and see our passports etc and then let us carry on.

So when we arrived in one town, we prayed and sat down near by the football field and were conducting the taleem. The town mayor came to see us and he started to talk to us. Then Ameer sahab would communicate to him the purpose we are out there in his town and the turkish brother would translate in German. Ameer sahab explained to him the purpose of our life as muslims and then told him that the jamaat has come from pakistan and they have been instructed by the elders in raiwind to spend 3 days in a locality where there are muslims and one day in a locality where there are no muslims and said to the mayor that we wish to spend one day in that town since there are no muslims and move the next town the next day. Ameer sahab also said to the mayor that if he gives permission then we can spend the night in the football field as we have tent and sleeping bags. The mayor was baffled at the idea of staying in the football field and said you will probably die in this freezing cold if you stay out. He also said that something like we are in his town and as such we are his guests and said he will arrange for us to stay in the backside of the church. So we stayed in the hall where there was heating facility and toilet/bathroom but no hot water :s (that was difficult for me cuz I had to shower at night with tap water when it was freezing cold and snowing outside...)

So when the mayor allowed us to stay in the hall at the back of the church, his wife and daughter (who looked like she was in her mid 20s) came to visit us. Ameer sahab invited mayor towards Islam. He said he respect our belief but said he wasn't ready or sure if he want to convert. Ameer sahab also explained Islam in detail to the mayor's wife and daughter. They were interested to learn more and the discussion went on for around an hour. The wife and daughter were interested to embrace islam but they looked at the mayor he said he doesn't mind if they think that thats what they want. So the mayor's wife and his daughter both embraced Islam. Ameer sahab congratulated them and made them to recite kalima (syahadat) properly and explained to them what it means and that they should believe in it from their heart etc. 

Then after spending that day in that town we went to the next town... the experience in the next town had been more amazing... 

However, I think I will share that in another post because I think I have rambled alot in this post already.

Keep reading and looking for the next post inshaAllah.

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